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We are a group of health professionals passionate about metabolic health

In July 2023 the Australasian Metabolic Health Society was incorporated. This is a sister organisation to the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners which is based in America. It has been created with their full support as we share the same mission – education, training, and support of evidence-based nutritional approaches, including carbohydrate restriction & ketogenic therapies, as a valid therapeutic option or intervention.

Metabolic health is defined as having optimal:

·          blood sugar

·          blood insulin 

·          waist circumference

·          blood pressure

·          triglycerides and HDL cholesterol


Ideally, the above is achieved with minimal or no medications. 

The AMHS is an independent Australian entity, run by local practitioners for the benefit of local health practitioners. Its primary purpose is to develop consensus guidelines, provide education and training for health practitioners in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. It also aims to provide advocacy at a local, state and national level for metabolic health practitioners. It is the first organisation in Australia to incorporate the full spectrum of therapeutic low carbohydrate diets for application across a range of disease processes as well as for optimising metabolic health. It is also proudly free of corporate sponsorship from pharmaceutical, supplement and commercial food companies. 

Board of Directors

Dr Deepa Mahananda

GP - New South Wales

Dr Alex Petrushevski

GP - New South Wales

Dr Laureen Lawlor Smith

GP - South Australia

Scientific Committee

In August 2023 the scientific committee was appointed by the Board of Directors after careful consideration of a large number of experienced applicants. 

Dr Sanjeev Balakrishnan

GP - Western Australia

Dr Ron Schweitzer

GP - Victoria

Dr Penny Figtree


Dr Lucy Burns

GP - Victoria

Dr Liz Fraser


Dr Laureen Lawlor Smith

GP - South Australia

Dr Karen Dwyer

Renal Physician - Victoria

Dr Louise Phillips

GP - Queensland

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